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Major Retailer, Industrial and Office Supplier Communicates With Employees

A major retailer, industrial and office supplier has a centralized accounts payable/receivable operation in a suburban office park that houses about 250 employees. Human resources management wanted to recognize employees and provide other communications. They identified digital signs as the best way to offer dynamic information. When they researched the technology, however, they discovered that it would be prohibitively expensive.

That’s when they conducted an Internet search and discovered StrandVision. For a fraction of the cost, they could install a StrandVision hosted digital signage system. The company used its existing high speed Internet connection and dedicated a personal computer to the system.

Although there are two 42-inch plasma television displays (one at the front desk and one in the break room) the company is able to run the whole system on one subscription. It did this by using the single personal computer and a video splitter/amplifier to distribute the same video stream to both displays. This substantially decreased the subscription cost and simplifies administration. They update and manage the signs themselves using StrandVision’s Web-based console, so they don’t have to pay outside service providers.

Now, the StrandVision Digital Signage system features regularly updated employee birthday and anniversary notices, as well as local news and weather. The signs are also used to welcome special corporate visitors and to announce employee events.

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