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Flash Specification for StrandVision Video Files

Flash Specification For Video Files

To create a Video file that works with this digital signage system, you can either work with StrandVision to do this for you, or you can do it yourself as follows:

  • Create a Flash movie using Flash 6.0 or higher with a frame size of 550x400 and 29.97 frames per second (or the frames per second of your source movie).
  • Name the layer Movie.
  • Import your .avi or .mpg into the flash movie with appropriate compression settings to work with your playback computer (50-90% quality, 15-45 keyframes, 85% scale). The scale is calculated by dividing 400 by the height of your source movie, not to exceed 100%. The faster the computer, the higher quality, lower keyframes and higher scale you can use.
  • Readjust the size of the new movie to be exactly 550 wide and 400 high.
  • Set the position to 0, 0.
  • You can optionally add the following code to the actions of the first frame:

    myMovieObject = new object();
    myMovieObject.Stage_Width = 550;
    myMovieObject.Stage_Height = 400;
    myMovieObject.FrameRate = 29.97;
  • Publish the Movie and copy the .swf to the local hard drive for all computers that will be editing or playing your signage.

You will now be able to select and use this movie from the Video File page type. Remember that it needs to be stored on the same place of the hard drive for each computer that is playing this sign.

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