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Try Before You Buy with Free Digital Signage Software

Digital advertising is becoming one of the new cost affordable solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes to promote their products and services. The flexibility of digital signage systems allows businesses to frequently update their advertising material to keep product and service messages fresh and new, while the use of traditional advertising can take days to update before new material reaches the public. Some digital signage systems require the use of software which must be purchase whereas other companies offer free digital signage software for a trail period instead.

The use of free digital signage software for a trail period allows potential customers to experience how digital signage systems can better enhance their business. After they see how the digital signage software works then they can decide later if this type of advertising solution is best and are under no further obligations to the company which provided the free software.

Other companies which provide digital signage software may offer a free demonstration of the product but then require an upfront commitment and down payment before allowing the potential customer the ability to experiment with the software product. Even after using the product for a short period, if it is determined this solution is not for your business, you are often not refunded any money spent on the software or equipment and left having spent time and resources for a software product which will not be used.

Free digital signage software is a better solution because it allows the potential customer the ability to see all the different ways the software can be used both internally and externally. Internally the software can be used to announce lunch menus, upcoming corporate events, special visitors, weather, stock quotes, news or any other information which the business wants to share internally with its employees. Externally the software can be used for direct advertising of new products and services, special events and special promotions or contests being ran by the business.

Digital signage systems used to be expensive and limited to only large businesses with the marketing budget to cover the costs of these systems. Over time the costs of digital signage systems has decreased with monthly subscriptions for basic systems starting under $60 per month once the free digital signage software period has ended. The basic systems require very little equipment and expense on the part of the business except a computer with internet access and the monitor which the advertising will be displayed. The software is hosted online with your organization's materials being stored securely on the host's servers.

More advanced digital signage systems are available which can include multiple displays placed throughout a building, video playback with or without sound, and different advertising or messages displayed on different terminals. StrandVision,, provides free digital signage software for potential customers to get a feel for this new advertising method and discover all the potential it can offer a business. Visitors to the website have access to test drive the product online first, and then they can register for a free account to gain access to the free trial. For further product information, questions or assistance, call .

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