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Uploading Files Via Anonymous Public FTP

Thank you working with StrandVision Digital Signage. This document will walk you through the steps to upload large files to our anonymous public ftp account using Windows Explorer or an FTP program. When the process is complete, you need to let us know that you have transferred the files so that we can process them appropriately.

NOTE: Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet before you start the process, as your file will be automatically loaded to our server.

1) Upload with Windows Explorer (not a web browser)

  • Open up Windows Explorer by right clicking your mouse over the Windows Start button and select "Explore"
  • Locate your video file(s), select them, and click on the Edit menu, then Copy
  • In the Address bar, type in ""
  • Click on the Edit menu, then Paste
  • Your files will be copied to the server (you will not be able to see them). You may see the change to

Or 2) Upload with an FTP Program

  • Open up your FTP program.
  • for the host / server name, enter ""
  • Select the anonymous login checkbox or enter anonymous as the username and anything as the password.
  • Click "Connect".
  • Browse to the Incoming folder.
  • Transfer your files up to the server in the incoming folder.

Let us Know the File is There

Send an email to mjstrandweb at with the name of the file followed by a description of what we should be doing with the file. In most cases, you will have been told to do this by a support representative, so include that person's name in the email.

If you have problems

If you have additional questions, there is a large amount of knowledge available on our forum at Digital Signage Forum, or you can contact StrandVision Digital Signage at or email strandadmin at

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