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StrandVision Digital Signage Questions to Ask HR Managers

Questions to Ask HR Managers

The following contains questions that you can ask HR Managers to determine if StrandVision Digital Signage is a fit for their organization.

Do you have a lobby?

How many scheduled visitors do you get each week?

Do you have a welcome board for visitors? If so, is it electronic, a paper printout or indivual letters affixed on a sign?

How many employees do you have?

How many departments with over 10 people in them do you have?

How many break areas does your facility have?

How many confernce rooms do you have?

How and how often are your communications with your employees? (company meeting, newsletter, water cooler talk, department meetings)

How many facilities do you have? (if more than 1, ask the next 3 questions)

    How do you keep all of your facilities informed?

    How often do you keep all facilities informed?

    How much do you spend each month to distribute information to the other facilities?

What content do you create on a regular basis?

If no design aspects was required, which content could be delegated?

Do you have some sort of "instant alert" notification system for large sales, etc? (this gives worldwide notification of achievements)

What process do you have in place for new employees? (this could reduce the time involved with new employee orientation)

How do you provide recognition to employees that do a great job? (find out if it is once a year and actually happens - this system allows daily or more often recognition)

How do you notify employees of the company's community involvement and upcoming events?

Do you provide feedback ondepartment or branch progress and accomplishments?

Do you post customer recognition of employees?

Would you like the ability to do low cost video messages on an occasional basis?

Do you have any employee motivation or performance problems?

How percentage of information is obtained at the "water cooler"?

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