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StrandVision Provides Leader Telegram Newspaper to 547xx zip code

Leader Telegram

StrandVision is pleased to partner with the Eau Claire Leader Telegram to provide content and subscriptions to the newspaper for StrandVision customers in the zip code beginning with "547".

This partnership allows the following additional features for StrandVision customers in this region:

  • Signage pages can be added that automatically display information from the current paper.
  • Signage pages can select from any or all of these categories:
    • Front Page News
    • Local News
    • State News
    • Sports
    • Local Sports
    • Features
    • Business
    • Opinions
    • Associated Press
  • Automatically receive a 5 day subscription to the Leader Telegram delivered to each signage playback location.
  • Upgrade to the 7 day paper for $39.99 per location per year.
  • Purchase additional subscriptions for:
    • 5 day - $49.99 (a $100 value)
    • Weekend - $49.99 (a $100 value)
    • 7 day - $89.99 (a $160 value)

Please call us at or email sales at for additional information or to subscribe.

* Special StrandVision pricing is for new Leader Telegram subscriptions only.

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