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Enable Power Failure Recovery for Linux Digital Media Player

Program Your Linux Digital Media Player To Restart on Power Failure

The following are instructions to change the ROM Bios to turn the pc on after a power failure.

R360 Linux PC

The following steps are for the R360 linux digital media player.

  • Turn off the strandvision linux digital media player
  • Attach a USB keyboard and easy to view monitor to the player
  • Turn on the digital media player
  • Press the delete key to go into the ROM Bios configuration area.
  • Once the menu appears, you will see the following menu.
  • R360 main setup screen
  • Select the Advanced menu tab with the right arrow key.
  • R360 main setup screen
  • Select the Power Management Configuration
  • R360 main setup screen
  • Change the EuP function to Disabled and set Power-On after Power-Fail to Power On.
  • Press F4 to save the settings and reboot the pc.
  • Once this is completed, your pc will turn on when it is running when the power fails.

    R370 Linux PC

    The R370 linux pc can be setup to power on via the ROM Bios (similar to above), but the easiest way is to remove the top cover (two screws at the back) and remove the power fail jumper shown below.

    Power Fail Jumper


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