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StrandVision Digital Signage Introduces wall mounted meeting room Electronic Signage Digital Media Player Displays

Also debuts software to drive up to 50 players for $499.99 per year…


MENOMONIE, Wis. – Feb. 18, 2016 – StrandVision Digital Signage today introduced a 21" wall mounted meeting-room sign along with a software solution that combines up to 50 meeting room signs with individual meeting room content for one low price of $499.99 per year. The system provides the option of displaying details about the current meeting or a list of current and upcoming meetings. If no meetings are active, a default page is displayed. For an additional subscription fee, other content can also be displayed. The system also pairs with one or more optional lobby signage or directional signage screens that can show individual room information, a summary of currently active meetings or upcoming meetings by meeting group or meeting room.

pedestal digital media playerStrandVision’s new display options include:

  • Wall-mountable 21" HD screen
  • Mounting hardware keeping it tight to the wall
  • Built in PC
  • 2gb RAM
  • 120GB SSD
  • Preloaded with StrandVision Linux player
  • Speakers
  • One-year return to depot warranty

All of the units are designed to operate 24x7x365, are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous use and are optimized for bright commercial environments. They include tempered glass, alloy encasing, advanced cooling systems with integrated cooling fans, LED backlighting and built-in speakers.

"We are excited to be offering these new commercial meeting room screens," said Mike Strand, StrandVision founder and CEO. "They give our customers new ways to automatically display their active meeting room information using extremely reliable commercial-grade equipment. We find that having a single source for all electronic signage equipment that is tested for compatibility is really attractive to customers since it simplifies and expedites installation of the meeting room network."

wood framed led display for electronic signage

The new electronic signage display options are available immediately from StrandVision and its reseller channel partners. Pricing is listed on StrandVision’s website at

About StrandVision

StrandVision LLC, based in Menomonie, Wis., delivers low-cost, Web-based digital signage software through a patented cloud-based approach that delivers content to subscribers' LCD flat panel screens, as well as computer screens, websites and mobile devices. StrandVision's service distributes text and graphics pages, video content and national and local weather and news. It is ideal for many large and small business marketing applications, including hospitality hotels and motels; banks, retailers, education (student communication, staff and visitor information); employee break rooms (employee communication of events and benefits); nonprofit and religious organizations (member and supporter communication).

StrandVision also offers, a fully digital, high-definition (HD) video extender to connect a computer to a television over long distances for use with digital signage and many other applications. StrandVision Digital Signage services and are available directly from StrandVision and through registered affiliates and system integrators. Additional information about StrandVision Digital Signage is available at, by calling or emailing sales at


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