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StrandVision Works With Lanner for Mobile Digital Signage

How StrandVision Decided to Partner with Lanner Inc for the LEC-5510…

Thanks James.  To answer your question:

We are very familiar with Digital Signage in the office environment since we have been doing Internet based Digital Signage solutions for over 8 years now.  Our system allows anyone with the proper security credentials to update their content from any Internet enabled pc or smart phone.  The content is delivered to pc's and web sites that are playing the content within a minute of updating it.

Although we typically allow customers to use their own equipment, we also have customers and resellers that want us to provide the complete system.  We created a StrandVision pre-configured Linux appliance a couple years ago that has been growing in popularity since it requires very little IT staff involvement. 

We have started receiving requests for our Internet based digital signage platform in vehicles.  We are not very familiar with mobile devices, but do understand what our digital signage solution requires to be successful for the end customer using the system.  One of the biggest issues is to have a reliable pc capable of running 24x7 that has enough processor power.  We discovered that most mobile pc's are fanless, and usually have a low powered processors to avoid overheating.  Our tests showed that these processors do not offer smooth animations when using Adobe Flash (which our Digital Media Player component is based on).  We also learned that these pc's are very expensive which did not fit in well with our low cost software system.  When we discovered the LEC-5510, we were intrigued.  It was priced well, included the durability, fanless design, wi-fi with optional cell phone Internet capability, seamless vehicle power on and off capability, and GPS capability all in one package.  We were not sure that it would have enough processor power, but your technicians built up a unit, installed our software and sent us a video with the results.  We were pleased to finally have found a solution to all of our mobile customer's needs that was priced well.

We purchased an evaluation unit and built a customized version of our linux appliance to work with our digital signage software system.  The system is designed to store all of the customer's signage information on-board and contains a subset of what runs on our production servers.  This allows for full functionality while the vehicle is in motion and allows for automatic updates whenever a wireless Internet connection is made.  Many of these installations save the cost of a full time connection through cell phone by connecting to the Wi-Fi connection at each destination.  This is popular in taxis, hotel and airport shuttles, buses and ferries.

Because of the on-board GPS capability, we will soon be enhancing our digital signage software to offer location specific content (often called GeoTargeting or Geo Targeted Advertising).  This allows content to be updated via the web site as usual, with the additional capability of adding a message target point and how many miles to continue to allow the message to show.  There will also be specific ads that can be selected at certain speed ranges and locations for signage shown on the outside of vehicles.  This allows for automatic compliance with local codes that restrict dynamic content once a vehicle reaches cruising speeds.  This capability will function on the 5510 and higher end LEC units with or without a cell phone connection since it uses the on-board GPS capability to provide the position and speed information.

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