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  5. StrandVision is absolutely dedicated to channel sales

StrandVision is absolutely dedicated to channel sales

Our reseller section is rich with support tools…

StrandVision comes from a longstanding tradition of channel sales and, as a result, we understand that good partner support is the lynchpin of success. We have designed an installer/partner program that is easy and profitable for installers and provides top-level support to customers.

INSTALLERS/PARTNER -- We have also made a number of resources available to you. Start by visiting our Marketing page. There, we have a number of resources from PowerPoint presentations and brochures that you can download and modify to your needs, as well as tutorials, white papers and industry articles.

You can also administer your account, fill in your company description, see pricing schedules and your territory, and take advantage of other resources. We are also dedicated to protecting your customer leads while providing you with additional ones to work with. Your password protected, private StrandVision partner account is where you will go to see detailed usage information for the customers that are assigned to you You’ll be able to administer your sales process here and see how you can place orders and view your account status.

If you’re not yet registered as an installer/partner, visit to get the ball rolling.

Remember that we’re always at the end of the phone. Call us at if you have any questions or suggestions. We’re happy to hear from you and look forward to assisting you with information and sales support.

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