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Create richer signage by merging text into images

Insert text messages directly into graphics…

Sometimes it’s easier and quicker to superimpose text onto a graphic using a graphics editor like Photoshop and then upload a single, combined graphic to your digital sign. It also can create a much richer experience for the viewer, if done properly. This way you don’t have to worry about synchronizing the roll or scroll text with the graphic. It also allows you to use a wider range of type fonts and introduce new graphical elements into your sign while maintaining your corporate visual appearance.

sample screen 1 sample screen 2

You can also leverage other marketing materials that you’ve already created, such as brochures, posters or signs, that have both text and graphics. You can simply scan them and convert them to an appropriate graphic format.

Whatever the source of your graphics and text, think about the actual display units that you are using. Are they large plasma screens or are they smaller televisions or computer screens? You should make sure that the graphics and the text that you post are clear, readable and remain on the screen for a sufficient length of time.  You should try to keep your text to fewer than 20 words to ensure that they are large enough to read from a distance and that people have enough time to read them but the words don’t linger so long that people get bored waiting for the next refresh..

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