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Using the StrandVision Digital Signage Counter

See how you can use the Count Up/Down tool in your signage…

The Count Up/Down page displays a message before and another message after the date and time that you specify in your signage setup. This is useful for announcing the time until a meeting or church service starts, keynote speakers, cruise or bus departures, theater and movie start times, store and office openings and other scheduled events. It is also a terrific and automated way to count milestones. Some customers are using it to list safety achievements such as days since the last OSHA-reportable or lost time accident, production goals achieved, time left to reach sales goals and sweepstakes deadlines:

The elements of the Count Up/Down page are:

Title: This is the normal title section for a text page.

Message for Before Event: This is a normal text field that you can input. It is tied to the Count Down clock and will only display before the event occurs. For instance, you can enter "The meeting will start in..." and the countdown will display below this message in hours, minutes…whatever you specify. Once the event starts, the message is hidden and replaced by the "Message for After Event" text.

Message for After Event: This is another text field that is entered and is tied to the clock. It automatically replaces the Before Event Message when the difference between your event and the current time hits zero.  For instance, you can show "The meeting has been in progress for…" and show the Count Up display.

Event Date and Time: This is the basis for Count Down/Up. You set it when you create the series. The date and time of the event is compared with the current time to calculate the Count to display.

Time Elements to Display: Another user-selectable option is the time elements to display. You can specify time in progressively smaller elements starting in years, and then adding months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. So you could, for instance, show a safety milestone that is measured as 1 year, 3 months, and 7 days by specifying 3 elements; or a time to meeting start can be represented as 1 hour, 42 minutes by specifying 2 elements and, if you want, 34 seconds with 3 elements.

Scheduling: When combined with StrandVision’s scheduling feature Count Up/Down slides can be scheduled to turn themselves on and off. For instance, a meeting notice for a 9:00 AM Keynote speaker at a conference can be scheduled to begin the countdown at 7:00 AM until 9:00 when it will automatically switch to the Count Up mode and then, using the scheduler, automatically remove itself from the StrandVision Digital Signage slide mix at 10:00 AM, once the presentation is concluded.

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