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Keeping StrandVision Digital Signage content fresh

There are plenty of ways to keep signage fresh. You can use StrandVision’s local news and weather feeds, take in information from other sources and refresh your local content often. Here are some recommendations…

StrandVision provides a wealth of tools for keeping your digital signage content up to date. Starting with our local news and weather feeds, you can keep your viewers informed about the latest happenings.

You can also add quotes or jokes of the day (there are companies that provide this kind of content), stock prices and other specialized financial, industry or government news feeds. There are several streaming news sources on the Internet, often called RSS feeds (RSS is short for Real Simple Syndication), which can give you extremely specialized dynamic information. Remember that you must obtain permission from the news provider before you distribute information.

StrandVision also provides several other tools to make your digital signs fresh. We offer lots of ways to add pictures and graphics to your slides and it’s easy to update textual information. We also offer flash file, video, music video and local camera/video playback capabilities.

The most important aspect of keeping your digital sign fresh, however, is through administration. It’s important to have one person (or group) who is responsible for keeping things up to date. There should be a schedule (daily, weekly). Updates may involve rotating different pictures through the slide mix or updating the messages delivered. Some companies have a "slide deck" of several extra slides that are simply added to, and removed from, the display cycle on a regular basis. This is easier for the day-to-day administrator to manage.  With the scheduling capability, configuration can be automatically done by our servers.

We also strongly recommend that you use the digital sign to announce upcoming events, recognize employees or report company news. Digital signs are ideal to handle time-sensitive news that would not be practical to put into a printed brochure or poster, either because of cost, delivery or time constraints.

Another way to keep things fresh is to involve employees. They’ll have lots of ideas about what can be shown, so if you let them, they will make suggestions.

Digital signage content options are limited only by your imagination. Whatever business you’re in, you can enhance your communications with StrandVision digital signs.

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