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Digital signs are more than moving pictures

Digital signs are a way to reach a whole new generation of customers

Businesses have been investing heavily in technology over the last decade - really ever since the introduction of personal computers in the ‘80s. They have to; customer service expectations are high and security demands constant vigilance and increased investments. Businesses need to have an online presence, locational convenience and technologies that deliver the highest level of customer service. These requirements consume not only budget dollars but IT staff resources.

Having said that, there is another entire technology area that should be considered - electronic marketing communications. Many businesses are stuck in the past with printed collateral materials and posters. This old way of doing business is expensive and makes a statement to every customer who enters the business, sees the marketing or visits a drive-up or ATM.

We’ve featured financial institutions a lot in this, and previous, newsletters for good reason. Digital signs make a different statement - one that says the business is progressive and technically savvy. They reach out to a whole new generation of consumers - the Cyber Generation - which has grown up with computers, cell phones, iPods, MP3, on-demand video, downloads - it goes on and on. This consumer segment expects sophisticated communications from business and is entering the market with high expectations and good earning power for the future.

Digital signs fit the bill with this market segment but, unlike some other new technologies, digital signs do not alienate less tech-savvy customers. Every generation is very accustomed to television and is drawn to a digital sign in a business lobby. It is an opportunity to reach every customer and for you to "repurpose" other marketing materials, even television ads, so that they are available at the precise moment when customers approach your service staff. For the cost a monthly newspaper ad you can bring your business locations into the 21st century.
Using StrandVision’s approach also eliminates the burden on your IT staff. Since the service is delivered over the Internet, it minimizes IT involvement. No development project, minimal equipment to purchase and, most importantly, no ongoing resource requirements to keep the system running.

We encourage you to take a look at StrandVision digital signs. Sign up for the Free trial and let your imagination take hold. We’re sure you’ll see the potential for your business.

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