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StrandVision Digital Signs - Your Electronic Salesperson

Here are some thoughts on how you can use your StrandVision Digital Sign to increase sales and promote specific items…

We continuously hear from our customers and learn a lot in the process. Recently, we heard from a distributor who really knows what he wants to accomplish with his digital sign.

This company closely tracks the number of inventory "turns" it has each year. As in any business, some items move quickly and others are a little slow off the mark. This can certainly increase inventory carrying costs (whether you track them or not); it can also affect supplier discounts, sales incentives and other financial and non-financial aspects of the business.

Then, there are other inventory challenges, such as discontinued items or other products that are about to be replaced by newer models that should be moved. There may also be seasonal items and high margin products that you really want to move.

In this case, the wholesaler keeps track of its inventory status and regularly features particular products on its StrandVision digital signs. They have seen measurable increases in sales for the featured products and it has helped them tactically manage their inventory, reduce their carrying costs and improve their turns.

The message is simple.  For the best results, use your StrandVision digital sign as a tactical promotion tool - an in-store advertising medium - to help you achieve your sales goals and move slow moving products that are costing you money. By frequently changing your digital sign, you can keep it fresh for your customers and make it an effective addition to your marketing efforts.

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