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StrandVision Digital Signs for Urgent Notices

With virtually instant updates, StrandVision signs are practical for urgent notices such as school closings, last minute meeting changes, email or Internet outages and other notices…

StrandVision’s Web-based approach to digital signage has many benefits. First, updates are distributed to all locations virtually instantaneously over the Internet; second, the Web-based interface makes it easy to enter information on the fly - you don’t have to use a third party to stage and upload content - you can literally type a message and have it displayed across the network at the next update; third, for even faster updating, you can create content slides ahead of time and only display them when needed by using the scheduling feature or enabling them at your StrandVision console.

The result is that you can use your StrandVision Digital Sign for urgent announcements. Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about life and death emergency announcements since there are too many variables such as Internet, computer, cable network or electrical service reliability, and other factors. But, for late-breaking events and rumor control, StrandVision digital signs fill the bill perfectly. Here are a couple of examples; I’m sure you can think of others for your own situation.
Schools - Events such as weather-related school closings create a cascading need for information. StrandVision digital signs can be used to broadcast revised bus pick-up schedules, list canceled after school activities and other news. Last minute classroom changes, schedule changes, etc. can also be listed.

Organizations - A call for clothing or other contributions to respond to a fire or flood in the community; rescheduled events or location changes at a health facility or Sunday school; medical screening clinics, etc.

Companies - Schedule changes. Notices about breaking news (personnel changes, security notices - parking lot safety, office thefts, investor activity, mergers & acquisitions), rumor control and other notices. Some companies even use StrandVision digital signs to notify staff of urgent needs. In one case, IT employees were called back to their offices via the digital sign to deal with systems problems.

Remember, StrandVision digital signs are another electronic means of communication that fits into your overall communications strategy.

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