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Digital Signage Creative Accounting (the good kind)

Suggestions on how you can reduce or even eliminate digital signage costs…

Do your customers need increased sales? Wouldn't you want to be responsible for helping them increase their sales this year? Most organizations have quite talented staff who could provide digital signage content to increase customer awareness at little cost to their organizations.

Companies can share the digital signage content among various locations to enable each to share some corporate-wide information along with specific weather, equipment, etc. (demographic detail for their location). Costs can be split between 2-3 departments within each service center/region. This would ensure that the cost is not a burden to one departmental budget and everyone would be able to share in the revenue increases too.

Companies can even ask their larger vendors to advertise over their digital signs. If they are able to get 2-3 vendors interested, they could routinely provide the graphics and/or verbiage for their specific content pages. Many of these vendors are looking for ways to increase their margins and are spending a lot of money for trade magazine advertising. They are looking for alternative advertising mediums that break through at the right time during the buying cycle. What better time than when customers are standing in your customers’ showrooms? Existing customers are already interested—now, they can see messages directly from the advertising vendors.

Your customers can split the annual cost of the signage with their vendors (or have them pay the entire signage cost). Vendors’ money is MUCH better spent on this captive audience who is at the service center/regional office and interested in their equipment anyway--automatic up sell!  Advertisers’ dollars are better spent on prospects who are interested and who may make an instant purchase based on the information being communicated.

How about TRIVIA? Your customers could offer a 10% discount (or more, if applicable) to their customers who can provide the correct answer to the trivia question of the week. This would encourage people to look for and read the digital signage ---as well as make it a fun way for the staff to increase business/up sell. about suggesting that your customers’ service center staff come up with a new question each week and rewarding the staff member(s) who provides the ideas to keep it exciting? Trivia could be about almost anything... New & used parts, history or jingles/songs, etc.

I hope these ideas have helped you to see how you can increase sales revenue this year using your StrandVision digital signs.

mjstrandweb at, StrandVision Sales Manager

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