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Colleges and Universities - Think about the Possibilities!

StrandVision Digital Signage is perfect for colleges and universities. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach several constituencies …

StrandVision Internet-based digital signs can be placed virtually anywhere on college and university campuses. They are an efficient way to inform students, faculty and the rest of the community of upcoming events and news, as well as academic, sports and club schedules.

The digital signage system can run on the institution’s existing computer or CATV networks using standard televisions, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) or plasma screens to deliver text, graphic and video content.

Institutes of Higher Education (IHEs) are just beginning to scratch the surface, but they see the potential of a 24X7 information delivery service that can be deployed in student centers, lounges, dorm lobbies, food courts, dining areas, etc.

Recommended signage topics include:

  • Upcoming social and sporting events or meetings
  • Sports and club competition scores
  • Special events
  • Guest speakers/presentations
  • Dining room menus
  • Lecture hall topics/presentations
  • Student and faculty recognition
  • Registration and other administrative information
  • Internships/on-campus recruiting schedules
  • Community information
  • Local weather and weather advisories
  • Breaking news
  • Emergency notifications
  • Special information, such as instructions on how to connect to the campus computer network
  • Wireless networking instructions
  • Parking advisories

The list is endless.

Since StrandVision Digital Signage information can also be delivered over Web sites, it can be used to build community inside and outside the campus walls. It’s a great way to reach day and non-traditional students and to inform the local community of happenings on campus.

We’re just beginning to appreciate the full potential of digital signs on college campuses. Let us know if you have any ideas or know of any innovative applications of StrandVision digital signs in higher education.

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