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Do Your Customers Know What You Offer?!

Most businesses want to increase sales by cross-selling their customers. Digital signs can be a big part of the solution…

It’s a common problem across most industries whether you’re a retailer, a restaurateur, a doctor, a banker or an industrial distributor, your customers probably don’t know all of the things you sell or the services you offer.

Some companies feel that their customers know all about their company, while others are more realistic and say, "My customers don’t know what I sell. They buy the same things all the time. I can never get my people to take the time to cross-sell them anything."

People tend to get into buying routines. It’s tempting to think that your customers see and remember every ad and listen to every word your sales people utter, but most customers lead busy lives and have to multi-task to survive.  Finding a way to repeat your messages in a variety of ways results in better informed, and more satisfied and profitable customers.

Let’s say you’re a banker, your customers come into the branch, they wait on line, they conduct their transactions and they leave. However, you also offer life insurance, investment products, financial planning, estate planning, etc. Mr. Smith needs life insurance but your bank is not part of his life insurance buying routine, so he never even considers you. With digital signs (and, frankly, well-trained, motivated staff to identify needs and answer questions) you can reach through to Mr. Smith to let him know that you offer all of the financial products he needs - providing time-saving, one-stop shopping from a proven source - you.
It’s the same for retail; by featuring your wide range of products (maybe even a feature of the day or week - or an extra 5% discount by answering an easy and educational trivia question), you can make people aware of the range of products that you have to offer -- groceries in a pharmacy, music in a book store, gifts in a card shop, teeth whitening at a dentist, skis in a bike shop - the list goes on.

Take a look at the buying profiles of your customers and think about what products or services you know they buy, and what else you carry that they may be less aware of.  With StrandVision’s digital signage system, you can introduce them to your offerings, reinforce other advertising you are doing or encourage impulse buying.

he strength of in-store digital signage is that you reach customers at the point of sale. They’ve already decided to visit your office or store - you just need to make sure they know what you have to sell. Digital signs are timely, inexpensive (with StrandVision, there is no expense associated with frequent signage updates), and it’s easy to add a slide with a few words of description, maybe a special offer, and a picture. You can experiment with product features and combinations - and even target different messages to different demographics with the scheduling feature. Swapping slides out often keeps the signage fresh and lets you feature a wide range of your products.

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