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Digital signage content - You already have it!!!

Digital signage is a new communications channel that gives you the opportunity to “repurpose" your content from direct mail, posters and other sources.

Digital signs provide the perfect way for you to reuse ("repurpose") materials that you already have - and this works for everyone, no matter how big or small your organization may be. Look through your inventory of direct mail pieces, posters, brochures, PowerPoint sales presentations, even video - they can all be used on your digital sign.

The StrandVision system has many built-in features to allow anyone to create dynamic content.  It also allows for custom advertisements with your company look and feel to be displayed.  All you have to do is convert them to an acceptable size and format and upload them to your sign. For many of you, however, I’ll bet you’ll find the resources right in your own organizations: We also have lots of tools and can even provide design services to help you along.

It’s simple. Just convert your images into the proper aspect ratio for your signage application. Traditional televisions and older computer screens have a 4:3 aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height), while LCD and plasma displays and some computer and laptop displays use a wider, more movie screen-like 16:9 aspect ratio. If you’re using the split screen feature, your aspect ratio may be a bit different. Good resolutions are 1024 x 768 for 4:3 aspect screens and 1366 x 768 for wide screens.

Large organizations:

Large organizations often have in-house designers or out-of-house agencies who are custom-creating your sales and marketing materials. It’s not a lot more work to convert these materials for your StrandVision digital sign. In fact, creating a digital signage-compatible slide is a piece of cake for a designer.

Mid-sized companies:

These companies are more likely to use the services of an outside designer. The same applies - you can convert your own promotional materials for use on the digital sign. Also look to your suppliers. Many of them are large companies and have a lot of promotional materials, even videos to promote their products. You can request the source designs so your designers can convert them or ask your vendors to do it for you. After all, you’re offering to promote their products directly to your customers. Don’t be afraid to ask. In fact, you may even get them to pay you to promote their products - it’s advertising, just a different medium.

Smaller companies:

Smaller companies may not have the in-house design talent but don’t underestimate the skill of the administrator who is in charge of keeping the digital sign up to date. He or she is familiar with what’s being shown and has probably heard from employees and customers about what they would like to see on the signage. Although not necessary, you may want to invest in some easy-to-use image design software and let them go. Also, even more so, turn to your suppliers for their source materials.

Finding content for your digital signs doesn’t have to be a chore. Use your imagination and remember that we are always here to help you. We have special tools for you to convert PowerPoint slides or even entire presentations for use as digital signage slides, we have video conversion tools, and we can help you insert virtually any brochure, direct mail poster or notice into your StrandVision digital sign.

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