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Live Chat - Immediate answers to your questions

StrandVision now offers “Live Chat," an online interactive chat service to answer your every question…

At StrandVision, we’re all about simplicity and easy ways to manage your digital signs. That’s why we’ve introduced a new service - Live Chat. Through Live Chat you can open a dialog with a StrandVision expert to get answers to questions, discuss your set up, and troubleshoot issues. Live Chat is available to subscribers and to visitors who want to learn more about StrandVision Digital Signage.

It couldn’t be easier. Just visit You will see the Live Chat button in the left-hand frame. When you see "Live Support Online Now," you can click on it and you’ll immediately be connected to a live support person. Even if the Live Chat is Offline, you can select the "Leave Message" button to send an email. It will be answered within one business day - sometimes emails are answered within minutes.

Live Chat is an excellent way to get your questions answered, but don’t forget that you can always call StrandVision at , email sales at or click on the "Questions" tab to go to the FAQ section of the Web site.

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