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StrandVision/InfoComm Giveaway Winner

Robert Perry of Snader and Associates in Roseville, CA wins the StrandVision/InfoComm Giveaway…

Robert Perry of Snader and Associates, a systems integrator in Roseville, CA, won the StrandVision give away at InfoComm. The Award was for a TV Playback Package subscription for a 12-month period (starting no later than August 2007) at a 75% discount -- an $862.49 value. It includes a custom StrandVision template and activation of the account for the user.

StrandVision’s 24/7 TV Playback Web-based subscription package offered at InfoComm includes support for one playback location (business location) with split screen and local streaming video options, support for animated weather radar, 4MB of data, image and sound storage, and 50 digital signage content pages.

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