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Using StrandVision Digital Signage on a secure corporate network

If you can access the Web from your computer, you can use StrandVision. Here’s how to keep the IT staff happy…

We get a lot of comments from people that they don’t think they can use hosted StrandVision Digital Signage because their company has a secure internal network. It is a legitimate concern and StrandVision offers multiple ways to address it. If you can access the Internet from your corporate computer, StrandVision Digital Signage will run on your network.

The reason is that StrandVision Digital Signage content looks just like a Web page to your network. We don’t even have to install any software on your computer - we don’t do anything to the network. There is no hidden code that would be identified as a threat. You "view" StrandVision Digital Signage pages just like you do normal Web pages.

We also have another technology that installs a piece of software which auto-updates the system and ensures that the signage is playing correctly. This system allows it to be totally outside of your secure internal network since monitoring the functionality is done through a separate web site rather than at the computer itself.  This has the added benefit of being able to communicate messages even if your own internal system is not functioning properly.

Administration is also done with a web browser. You do not have to run a local program or open an interactive session that passes a lot of data back and forth between your computer and the StrandVision server - there aren’t any permissions that are requested or granted. All you have to do is log onto the StrandVision Web site and fill in forms to add content. You can upload graphics and other materials to the Web site for delivery to any or all of your StrandVision Digital Signage displays wherever they are on your corporate network.

As proof, StrandVision is operating in some very secure network environments, including a large pharmaceutical company and medical facilities. We are totally compatible with their stringent security technologies and policies. We also operate internationally. We can go anywhere that the Internet is available and we can do it securely.

Call us if you have any questions about secure networks. We can assure you and we can work with your IT and IT security staffs to explain it all in more detail. Call or email sales at

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