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Database Templates

We’ve developed a bunch of database templates for OSHA, HR, room scheduling, etc. that you can use in your digital signs…

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Some StrandVision customers have found that being able to set up databases within their signs can be a convenient, efficient way to present and maintain information. We introduced databases in the March Newsletter. Databases are a great way to keep your signage fresh and interesting.

Over the last few months we developed some example databases that illustrate the value of using databases in StrandVision digital signs and demonstrate how easy they are to develop and maintain. They have the added benefit of giving you a template that we can insert right into your signage account so you can further adapt it to your situation.

We have the following examples for your review:

OSHA - Time between reportable incidents - This is a handy way to report safety information to your staff. It is automatically updated by whatever timeframe you are using (years, months or days) and can report on several departments or locations. Alternatively, separate safety reporting digital signs can be set up for each location using the count up/down page type.

Donor or Volunteer Listings - Non-profit organizations often want to thank their donors. The database example allows you to group different donors (Silver, Gold, Platinum or under $10, over $100, over $500) and present them alphabetically, or by other sort methods. You can also have the names scroll in the order they were entered.  This concept (lists of people in groups) works well for other applications, such as listing employee participants in events, race results, membership lists, even recognizing alumni when they return to campus. It’s really only limited by your imagination.

HR and Training - The same concept applies to listing human resource groups, such as lists of people who are signed up for training or certification programs. There are lots of groups that can be identified and recognized.

Room Assignments - This is a great application for commercial, government and other offices as well as hotels and conference centers. You can easily post meeting room assignments and welcome messages and, using our scheduling feature, have them cycle into and out of the rotations.

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