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Get your employees involved with your digital sign

Many successful StrandVision Digital Signage installations let employees contribute materials…

One of the best ways to keep your digital signage fresh and interesting is to change the content frequently and to surprise your audience with what’s being displayed. You’ll find that the official information that you need to share gets through more efficiently when it is interspersed with new and unexpected slides that grab and hold the viewer’s attention.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to invite your audience (employees, customers, members, etc.) to contribute materials. One StrandVision customer encourages employees to submit digital photos. The submissions are outstanding and demonstrate the creativity and photographic talent of the staff. Certainly, doctors, dentists, schools and non-profits can feature children’s drawings and art. Even classified ads can be accepted - virtually everyone is interested in what’s for sale.

Employee-sponsored events - both announcements and post-event articles and pictures, make excellent content. In schools and colleges, student organizations and student government can also contribute content. There really is no limit.

Take a look at your sign, then listen to what your employees are talking about. See how you can align your content to fit their interests. In many cases, the best content providers are the employees themselves.

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