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New text options for StrandVision your digital signage pages

We’re giving you more options for your text. We’ve also added an analog clock…

We keep listening to you and we keep making improvements based on your comments. Here are a few:

We’ve added embossed and shadow text options, in addition to the standard font. This applies to your headlines, full screen and split screen paragraphs and your bottom crawl.

We’ve made the embossed text the default (all existing digital signs have automatically begun using embossed at the cut-over). However, you can select the other font options. Simply log into your account, select "Preferences" under the "Options" selection in the left-hand frame and specify your text preference.

Emboss is a 3D rounding effect of the letters and Shadow appears as if it is standing off of the page.

Text Effects

We’ve also added an analog clock option to replace the default digital clock. In this case, log in, click "Modify Signage" in the left-hand column, then choose "Current Time" and make the analog selection under the time format.

As always, we’re interested in your feedback and suggestions about other adjustments that will make your StrandVision Digital Signage experience more productive.


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