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Take StrandVision on the road with the remote demo

You can download your StrandVision Digital Signage to your laptop for demos without an Internet connection - and customize your web page to show your company name…

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you would like to demo the StrandVision digital sign and there is no Internet connection available or it’s not convenient to tie into the prospect’s network? Or, would you like to replace the StrandVision DS logo on the TV frame with your company name? We have answers to both of these situations.

Remote Demo

Remote demos are easy. Just log into your account before you leave your office. This brings you directly to your "View Signage" page. From here you can do a lot of things, including emailing a link to your digital sign and adding your digital sign to your Web page. But, if you scroll down below the TV displaying your sign, you will see a section entitled "Run without a Browser" that has all of the instructions you’ll need.
Here are the steps to reliably display your digital sign without a browser.

To run completely without internet for customer demonstration or trade show purposes:

  • Using your file browser, create a directory/folder called c:\sign (change if you wish)
  • Download sign.exe and save it to the c:\sign folder
  • Click on the link to extract the standalone archive to the c:\sign directory
  • Run c:\sign\sign.exe to start your standalone signage playback

NoteNote: The non-internet demonstration mode creates one signage loop without scheduling or content variety and can only be generated twice per day.
Pressing PgDn advances the page and the enter or escape key stops playback.

Place your name on the TV border

As an authorized StrandVision partner, you can rebrand your web signage system.  To replace the StrandVision DS name on the TV border to brand your Web display and demo with your company name, simply log into your account, select the "Partners" tab at the top of the screen, select "Profile" and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will see "Web TV Company Display." Simply type in the text you want to display and it will replace the StrandVision name on the TV border. This only applies to your Web display, emailed links and remote demos. It does not affect the live digital sign displayed on a regular TV or display since the border is not transmitted.

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