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Make the most out of your customers’ budget cycle

Your customers and prospects are planning their 2008 budgets. Now’s the time to be in touch to help them finish this year’s budget and plan for digital signage installations and expansions next year

November and December may be the most successful sales months that you have in 2008 - that’s right, 2008. The reason is that most of your customers are making their budget plans right now for next year. That means that you should be reminding your prospects of the value of StrandVision Digital Signage and helping them plan for the future.

You may have some accounts that are in pilot (or limited deployment) stages and should be considering more complete rollouts. Some of these customers may even have unspent 2007 dollars that they could use to invest now for services for next year. StrandVision’s subscription approach to digital signage is ideal for this type of situation. They can subscribe (prepay) for 2008, or even beyond, and reap the benefits all next year with no hit to their new budgets - you get the sale this year and it benefits the customer as well

It’s also a good time to talk with customers about upgrading their installations. Do they have a need for video? Do they want to upgrade to newer, larger screens? Do they want to add digital signage to a few more locations? These are all great questions to be asking and can help you partner with your customers early in the planning process.

Check out our news section on the StrandVision Web site. We have several examples of installations in several industries for marketing, employee and membership communications that you can use with your prospects.

As always, Amy (mjstrandweb at, ) stands ready to help you through the sales process. Remember, the foundation for success in 2008 can be set right now.

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