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Digital Signage Reduces Costs - Expands Reach

New $299.99 duplicate signage pricing option offers discounts on additional StrandVision signs

StrandVision has introduced a new pricing option for duplicate screens. This new $299.99 price package allows you to add identical digital signs in additional locations. It can be added to every primary pricing package - Basic, TV or Streaming Video, Gold or Platinum.

This means that you can show the exact same StrandVision Digital Signage information with no changes and no local customization at a discounted price. Let’s say for instance, you have a number of clinics or franchise operations, or even multiple employee break rooms in different facilities, you can extend the reach of your StrandVision Digital Signage network to new locations anywhere in the world, showing the same information, for only $299.99 each.

Many of our customers are finding this to be an attractive option for adding sites at minimal cost. An added benefit of expanding with identical sites is that it does not require additional administrative attention. The same slide updates that you make today support the additional sites with virtually instant updates automatically distributed over the Internet to all of your signage locations.

Visit our pricing page at or call Amy at to add the service. Please note: Duplicate signage site subscriptions will require their own display screens, supporting equipment and Internet connections.

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