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How to get rid of signage web border

A couple of easy steps to get a full screen display of your digital sign…

StrandVision subscribers generally want to eliminate the Internet Explorer (or Firefox) frame from their displays. This has several benefits. First, it gives you a full screen borderless presentation. Second, by downloading the installer, you are creating a much more stable connection to the StrandVision server and will automatically and immediately receive all software updates and video clips. For those of you who want to make this change, it’s easy! Here’s what you do:

- Log into your account and select the "View Signage" section from the frame on the left.

- Here you will find several handy utilities for working with and distributing your digital sign, including;

Digital Signage Options

These are all worth exploring but, for now, select the Play your signage for TV display option.

Load the installer and follow the directions. Once you’ve finished, reboot your computer. It couldn’t be easier!

As always, call Amy at or email her at sales at if you have questions.

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