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InfoComm Thoughts

Amy Hansen reflects on InfoComm 2008…

Hopefully we didn't miss you at InfoComm 2008 show! This was a great opportunity for us to personally meet with existing and potential customers, as well as learn about a variety of new products that complement our offerings.

We met several customers and vendors who were looking for a digital signage solution. Many customers were looking to replace their existing digital signage software due to cost, features and/or the need for an easier interface. StrandVision caught their attention with our simple setup and our content page template options. They were very interested in hearing about existing customers’ experiences. They reviewed our application stories and were happy to hear that we are a company that is committed to follow up with them both after the show and the whole time they work with us.

Customers expressed their need to manage and control everything including branding messages and the content approval process from a corporate level. They also want the flexibility to control, or delegate control of, specific screens. StrandVision Version 2.0 gives them all that they were asking for. They were also excited that they can access our software to update their content from virtually anywhere that they have access to the Internet. They saw it as a much needed benefit.

Debuting our at InfoComm 2008 was great timing! We are in the process of partnering with several vendors interested in sales distribution of this product. provides a low-cost digital, high-definition (HD) personal computer-to-television adapter for transmitting live video content over corporate LANs or dedicated networks. The adapters digitally connect digital signage servers (or even standard pc's) to displays and peripeherals via CAT5 or CAT6 network cables. The cabling can be done directly or through standard networking appliances, such as gateways, routers and fiber optic networks to carry audio, video, keyboard and mouse signals.

StrandVision continues to follow up with all customer leads gained at InfoComm and will be disbursing them to StrandVision resellers after they have been further qualified.

Amy Hansen

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