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Selling in a Tough Economy

An insightful article from Systems Contractor News offering perspective on the pressures of today's economy…

All system integrators are facing uncertain times. Naturally, at StrandVision, we think that incorporating our digital signage solution into your sales mix is an inexpensive and natural product line extension for many resellers. It enables you to use your expertise, offer added services to your customers and sell more hardware and services.

Additionally, the argument can be made to your customers that digital signage is an innovative and inexpensive new business marketing technology that can help them stand out and succeed in a competitive market. We invite you to call us to discuss how StrandVision can help you pitch digital signage in specific sales situations.

In the meantime, here’s an article from the June issue of Systems Contractor News, "Business as Usual? Planning for an Uncertain Economic Situation" by Mike Bradley that gives you some advice on how to weather the storm.

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