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  5. Advertising pays the way for Warren County CC digital signage

Advertising pays the way for Warren County CC digital signage

Purchased with grants, advertising more than covers ongoing operations for StrandVision Digital Signage at Warren County Community College…

Warren County (NJ) Community College is starting its second year with its StrandVision Digital Signage and they continue their innovative ways. We just received a note from Lamont Rouse, Director, Institutional Research & Grants, who reported continued success in underwriting the signage. He wrote: "I just sold my first ad for our Warren TV and let me tell you, it’s already made our StrandVision purchase profitable. I’m hoping to land some more accounts within the next month."

Proof that just a few ads or, as in this case, a single ad can pay for the ongoing operations of your StrandVision Digital Signage. Our low contract price, coupled with the ease of developing and placing advertisements, makes it possible to eliminate digital signage as a budget item.

This advertising sale follows WCCC’s innovative funding approach at the beginning. Here’s what StrandVision News reported earlier:

When it came to financing the purchase, Lamont was creative. "As the grant writer, I’m always looking for ways to cut costs. We’re a smaller community college, we have limited resources as most institutions do, we’re fast growing, which means that any resources that we have go into the classroom. ‘Learning is our business,’ as the college president says."

"We really appreciate our funding sources. We use every dime for the purpose specified in our grants. I believe they appreciate that. We’re trying to show value and we’re trying to show growth in this area.

"So, when you’re looking at trying to fund a project like [the StrandVision Digital Signage network], you have to find alternative resources. I was able to land a couple of grants on this issue. Also, when I approached student government, they were all for it - they were early adopters and they helped facilitate the growth in the project, too."

Lamont does not want to give away his sources but does say that the project was funded in part through government grants and they are looking at private sector grants to continue the funding. "I’m always looking for ways to match A with B and I felt that we had a need. I could write a needs statement and I could show value to funding agents. It was a tangible product. You can see and touch a communications system, so I think this made it easier for me to facilitate the project."

The digital signage system has been a plus all around. "I believe that the message board and the communication system being run by StrandVision presents an opportunity to advance our brand, to advance our mission, goals and values, and to promote the institution. I firmly believe that," Lamont concluded.

It’s clear that when Lamont looked at "A and B," he discovered that the "A’ stood for "Advertising." Don’t pass up the chance to give your advertisers the opportunity to underwrite your StrandVision Digital Signage.

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