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StrandVision HD video transmitter / converter simplifies installations

Several installers are finding that StrandVision's hardware converter units make it easier to deploy and manage digital signage displays…

StrandVision’s fully digital, high-definition (HD) personal computer-to-television adapter units are useful for building StrandVision Digital Signage networks and for many other applications. The special installer HD package includes an adapter (PCA) at the personal computer that is paired with two receiving adapters (TVAs) to support two television monitors. The adapters digitally connect all common peripherals via CAT5 or CAT6 network cables, either directly or through standard networking appliances, such as gateways, routers and fiber optic networks.

Simplifying digital signage installations network diagram simplifies wiring for corporate digital signage networks, enabling installers to easily and inexpensively extend digital signage content to multiple displays -- normally using existing wiring. It works over corporate Local Area Networks or a dedicated network (recommended) for streaming digital signage video content. This type of set-up supports up to four different video streams on a 100MB network and a virtually unlimited number of TVA receivers displaying the video streams. simultaneously displays the same video and audio content that is shown on the computer on the television monitor(s).

Some of our installers have really jumped on because it speeds up the installation process and allows them to extend digital signage networks to more television monitors, increasing sales and allowing their customers to have more extensive digital signage networks. There’s nothing complex about it and it works.

Beyond digital signage

In addition to one-way HD video transmission, the adapters support two-way communications. The transmits standard mouse and keyboard, as well as audio in and out ports, providing full remote control of the host personal computer. So, an administrator of a digital signage system at one of your customers could control the display from any TVA-equipped location to adjust the digital signage content or look. hardware photo

We are offering standard reseller discounts on and offer a one time demonstration unit purchase at substantial savings. Additional units are available immediately. Contact us at sales at or for further information, or visit where we have a full description, FAQs and the User Guide.

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