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Kick back, relax! Take November and December off. NOT!

Think the economy’s tough? It is. Think this is a good time to let things ride? It is not…

There is a tendency, especially this year, to look at the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a dead time - a time when decisions aren’t being made and nothing is happening. We suggest that the opposite may be true this year. Now is the time when companies are wrapping up their 2008 budgets and making their 2009 plans—even cutting 2009 budget dollars. Customers have been calling to get quotes and are interested in getting their purchases completed before 2009. These situations present opportunities to introduce StrandVision Digital Signage.

StrandVision’s subscription approach to digital signage services has two advantages for 2008 budget wrap-ups in this economy. First, the cost of the subscription is relatively low, affordable and could be a simple sign-off purchase in many companies. IT, HR, Marketing and other departments may have some discretionary funds left over that could be used to purchase a digital signage installation or pilot.

Secondly, related to the low cost concept, is that existing customers with discretionary funds may want to prepay their subscriptions. This way, they won’t have to add the signage into the budget next year, or they can put it in but not have to worry about immediate cuts.

As far as 2009 is concerned, now is the time to talk with your customers and prospects about their plans for the coming year. Create a quote from within the enhanced StrandVision purchase area to gain approval by year end. Once again, due to its low cost and high visibility digital signs can be an effective sell in this environment. StrandVision digital signs have proven useful in employee communications, and this is a good time to have a strategy for getting out ahead of rumors and uncertainty. Point-of-sale digital signage can directly contribute to the bottom line and can also help move slow-selling stock. Digital signage is also an extremely cost effective way to reach customers that is more efficient and less expensive than traditional advertising. Your customers can communicate with a qualified audience at precisely the right moment - when they are reaching for their wallets. Be sure to let them know about the web TV capability that is included when purchasing a qualifying StrandVision account.

We’re realistic. We know that your customers are not sitting around wondering what to do with all of the extra money that they’ll have in their budgets next year but unless you’re willing to write off the entire year, it would be best to get in front of them now when they’re building their upcoming budgets.

This economy will improve and you want to be ahead of the game with a solution for your customers when it does.

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