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StrandVision’s new online purchasing portal

StrandVision has just implemented a new purchasing portal that helps customers and resellers subscribe, renew and change subscriptions, and buy hardware accessories. Here’s a quick overview…

StrandVision Digital Signage has completely updated its online purchasing portal to enable you to more easily navigate through the purchasing process and to do more things on the site. Its clean, simple presentation is icon-based and only presents you with the selections that are appropriate to you at a particular point in time.

Here is a review of all of the icons and what you can do with them. Note: some of the following apply only to licensed customers and some apply to resellers/installers.

  • activate subscriptionActivate Subscription - This icon becomes active when you have a free trial account. The activate account section includes all of the package options available to you for your account.
  • renew subscriptionRenew Subscription - This icon becomes active only near the renewal date. The renewal section includes all of the package options available to you. As in the past, you select the subscription level and any options that you want.
  • email quoteEmail Quote - You can use the email quote function to send a StrandVision price quote to others in your organization for information or for review and approval. Resellers can use this handy feature to send quotes to their customers.
  • upgrade Upgrade Active Account - This is an area that you can access any time to add to or change an existing account. This section also presents you with the full menu of subscription levels and options.
  • add new locationAdd a New Location - Exactly what it implies -- Click on this icon to add locations to your network.

These next few icons are useful for large, multi-site installations.

  • duplicate an accountDuplicate an Account - This is a handy feature for larger organizations that may want to duplicate a digital signage license in another facility. Using this feature enables you to take advantage of discounted StrandVision SignageDuplicates.
  • extend all subscriptionsExtend all Subscriptions - Also for large organizations with multiple StrandVision contracts, you can easily extend all of your subscriptions in a single transaction through this utility.
  • synchronize subscription datesSynchronize Subscription Dates - This is a common request from any organizations that have incrementally rolled out multiple StrandVision Digital Signage installations across their organization. Using this utility will direct them to all renew on the same date.

These next few icons offer options that are available from StrandVision Digital Signage

  • add hours per weekAdd Hours per Week - Another frequently requested transaction, this function enables you to modify your contract to add digital signage display hours.

  • purchase hardwareGet Hardware - StrandVision also sells hardware and networking supplies and equipment, such as our converter, to support our digital signage installations. Our expanding catalog of equipment is available behind this icon.
  • newspaper subscriptionLocal Newspaper Subscription - StrandVision has built relationships with some local newspapers to deliver local headlines and news. This feature is occasionally tied in with newspaper subscription benefits. This section gives you another way to add a local news feed to your digital sign.
  • purchase for 
 customerPurchase for a Customer - Handy for resellers, this section enables you to purchase subscriptions on behalf of end users. Simply clicking on the icon puts you into the same purchase dialog as you would see in the Renew Subscription section.
  • purchase for resellerPurchase for a Reseller - This enables a reseller to reactivate their StrandVision demonstration account.(I’m not sure what this is.)

  • use affiliate cashUse Affiliate Cash - This section is for resellers, as well as companies and individuals that have made referrals resulting in StrandVision Digital Signage sales. This cash is available to purchase other StrandVision services.

Finally, we have the familiar upgrade Show Cart/Checkout and upgrade Empty Cart area for managing your purchases.

We think this new approach will provide a tremendously improved purchasing experience and we look forward to your feedback.


Icons by Paul Davey aka Mattahan. All rights reserved.

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