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StrandVision is on the move!

StrandVision will be moving its offices with the new year…

StrandVision is moving our physical offices. We’re excited about it but, in truth, it will have no effect on our customers’ user experience since we are, in terms of service delivery, a virtual operation. Although we’ll still be in Wisconsin, the move will bring us closer to the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN metro region, which should allow us to engage that market and gain additional talent more directly.

The move will require new phone and FAX numbers. Our email, Web and other Internet presence details will not change. We’re shooting for early January but, as is often the case, it may slip a bit. We’ll send a special emailing to all with our new contact information at the time of the changeover.

Stay tuned! We have lots of exciting plans for 2009 and we look forward to sharing them with you as soon as we can.

Mike Strand

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