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StrandVision Offers Page Backgrounds and Customization Options

StrandVision offers several predesigned digital signage page backgrounds to fit different standard and widescreen television formats. You can also provide your custom background to StrandVision…

StrandVision is all about ease-of-use and flexibility. That's why we offer several default styles of preformatted background templates (frames for your digital signage pages) to fit your needs. Each style has a wide and normal screen design and automatically accomodate several color settings and your company logo.

StrandVision Enhanced Screen

StrandVision Basic Screen

Select the one that's right for you and your displays. Here's how you do it:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to Preferences:
  • Select the dropdown arrow next to Background Selection - the first selection. (Automatic is the default option, but the dropdown will show other options.)
  • Select a template
  • Click "View signage" in the left frame and then view signage"Click to Preview Your Signage" to have a look.

Custom Templates

You can also send your custom or even animated template to StrandVision in a .JPG or animated .GIF format. Follow this link,, for both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) samples and instructions. As a special option, StrandVision will add a digital or analog clock that will always appear on a corner of your template design - a popular choice - for a one-time fee of $250.

We will post it to your account and it can be entered in the "Custom Background File" box below the first dropdown. You can still opt for one of the pre-designed StrandVision templates or enter in different templates for special occasions. Your custom designs will remain available to you as long as you have your account or it is changed.

Conversion and posting of your first non-animated custom template is included if you paid a one time activation charge. There is a nominal charge for new designs and separate backgrounds for additional installations or purposes. Site-specific templates make it easy to customize your display by store, franchisee, branch office or location. Call StrandVision for details.

Take advantage of personalizing your digital signage today, and remember, whatever background you choose will also be shown when you email your signage to someone. See bottom of "View Signage" page for directions (

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