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StrandVision Continues Adding Enhancements

StrandVision has added five page setup/display enhancements that provide further flexibility…

StrandVision continues to enhance its page design/display templates to give you greater flexibility and ease-of-use. Here are five additions that we'd like to introduce to you today:

  • Extended Page Display Time enables you to select a display time from a few seconds up to 18 hours for any page. Simply go to the "Modify Signage" section, select the page for which you want to extend the duration and type in the desired number of seconds. The normal page rotation will continue with the new display time applied to that page. This is an easy way to highlight that visiting dignitary without a lot of setup. (Thanks to Shirley Grunewald, Bush Bros. and Candy Johnson, CVTC, who requested the Extended Page Display Time feature.)
  • Estimator page is an innovative approach to displaying a constantly updated count, such as world population or the incidence of cancer or heart attacks. Our customers use it to estimate energy usage, parts shipped, or other numbers that can be estimated. Simply select the template on the "Add Pages" section, put in start and end dates and times, and start and end totals. StrandVision will do the rest. (Thanks to Dave Brehm, TTM Technologies who requested the Estimator Page to calculate energy usage to promote Green awareness.)
  • Page Transition options have been added. Now your StrandVision pages can be set to cut from one page to the next or use one of three (slow, medium or fast) dissolve transition speeds. Simply go to your Preferences page to make the selection.
  • Expanded Font Library, also available on your Preferences menu, the font library allows you to select from eight highly readable fonts for your digital signage. Additional fonts can be installed for a small fee. Simply select your preference and it will be automatically applied to your pages. (Thanks to Mardy McKay, Albuquerque Winnelson.)
  • Paragraph with Photo, a new page option, enables you to add a photo to your fixed paragraph (not scrolling) page. It offers the opportunity to present an attractive page for short paragraphs of information that you want to emphasize in a static screen. (Thanks to Jeremy Jensen, Luther Midelfort and Eric Kelley, Dahl Avon)

Each of these page options gives you a little more control over your signage while making it more attractive to your audience. There are dozens of additional enhancements like these that have been added over the last few months. Visit your control console today and experiment with some of the many options available.

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