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Training/Refresher Video

StrandVision recently posted a Webinar called "StrandVision Basic Training" ( that takes you through all of the basics of setting up and running your StrandVision Digital Signage. Viewing Amy Hansen's presentation is a great way to become familiar with many StrandVision Digital Signage features. We also recommend it if you have been running your signage for a while. It recaps many features that you may not currently use now, but now that you are familiar and comfortable with managing your signage, may want to add. Features such as scheduling, counter pages and emergency notices are all reviewed. This and several other training videos are also found at

Here's a list of the topics covered:

Time Code Description
00:00 Intro
00:41  Sign up for a free trial
03:00  Add pages wizard
08:20  Product uses area of the site
08:57  Use signage area
09:32  Company address info
10:12  Company background
11:12  Business hours setup
12:56  Security setup
14:12  Preferences overview
20:36  Email setup
22:32  Locations setup
22:57  Modify signage
26:40  Creating schedules
28:48  Add paragraph with a user defined schedule
32:00  Set up the weather city name
32:29  Add a current time page
33:04  Preview one page
34:11  How video is set up
36:21  Adding the StrandVision logo
36:56  Add a photo / image page
39:33  Add your company logo
40:26  Add an emergency intro page
41:44  Activate the emergency schedule
42:23  Add a counter page
43:50  Preview pages
44:43  Newsfeed and PowerPoint conversion
45:20  Database overview
45:39  Thanks and contact us


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