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  5. "Take a Test Drive" FREE Digital Signage Giveaway Ending Soon!

"Take a Test Drive" FREE Digital Signage Giveaway Ending Soon!

StrandVision's free one-year digital signage subscription promotion ends on October 31. Don't miss the chance to take advantage of this terrific giveaway!

Not yet a subscriber?

StrandVision is giving away a one-year StrandVision Streaming Video Digital Signage software subscription. The no obligation "Take a Test Drive" promotion runs through October 31, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. (Central).

Participants can review the rules and enter the drawing simply by completing a Test Drive for free digital signage software. The free digital signage software Test Drive does not download or install software on participants' computers. Once the Test Drive is completed and saved, you are automatically registered for the drawing.

"The Take a Test Drive drawing is designed to give you a quick and easy way to become familiar with StrandVision Digital Signage software," said Mike Strand. "We think that participants from companies small and large will immediately see how they can apply it to their businesses, especially since they may have the opportunity to use it for a year for free!"

The subscription requires a user-supplied high speed Internet connection.

Already a subscriber?

We're hoping that you'll take some time to help us announce the drawing. In return, you'll save some money on your renewals or upgrades. Simply refer your friends and associates to the Test Drive drawing using your affiliate link, and you’ll earn a $10 credit on your account for each one that completes the simple (and fun) 5 step process.

That's right! For each qualified participant who takes the Test Drive by clicking on your personal Affiliate referral link, you'll get $10 credited to your account.* All they have to do is complete the Test Drive's five steps and register. Better still, if any of your associates decide to take advantage of a StrandVision service, you'll receive 20% of their subscription as an additional credit.

This is a great way to introduce friends and colleagues to StrandVision Digital Signage. You can even refer other departments/locations within your company or organization. They all qualify!**

Just make sure they use your Affiliate referral link so you get the credits. Contact Amy if you need your affiliate link.

*Limited to $2,000 per subscriber per year. See

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