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Add QR Codes to your StrandVision Digital Signage

Hop onto the latest in interactive digital signage with QR codes that can link viewers with smart phones to your Web site, phone or other resources…

free digital signage qr codes from StrandVisionQuick Response (QR) codes are the latest in information sharing and marketing. You see them in magazine ads, pasted to store windows and included in coupons. They're also a natural extension to digital signage because they turn the typically one-way communications of digital signage into a truly interactive platform. QR codes are the gateway to give immediate and direct response to digital signage promotions.

I got excited when I realized the digital signage potential of QR codes. They're right up my alley since my previous company, StrandVision, was a barcode label software company. So, it was easy for us to develop some code to work with our Web-based console so you can automatically add free digital signage QR codes as easily as adding text or a picture.

This article concentrates on showing you how to, and how easy it is to, add QR codes to your StrandVision Digital Signage. Visit the VSR article in the "Partners" section of this newsletter if you want to learn more about QR codes and the benefits that they can have for your signage.

A couple of easy steps

At StrandVision we decided to make adding QR Codes to your digital signage as easy as possible. We've integrated a QR code generation tool in the modify pages menu for each eligible page type. In this way, you are able to simply make your selection and the familiar QR code is automatically generated and added to the page that is viewed by the public on your digital signage player.

Here's how it works when you go to the "Modify" pages sections of the console:

  • For any Company page ("Welcome," "Business Hours", "Company Description", "Company Mission", etc) you simply select the QR code dropdown menu that offers "Open a Web Page," "Bookmark Web Site" or "Call Main Number" and that information will be automatically coded into the QR code and added to that page.
  • For Weather, News, RSS Feeds and Licensed Content pages, you can check the box to create a link to the provider's full story.
  • For virtually all other pages, you are able to create ad hoc Web page, bookmark and phone number QR codes by simply typing in the URL or phone number in the space provided. This means that you can direct viewers to any Web address of phone to provide additional details for special promotions or employee benefits resources.
  • For Photos and Images page types, you also have the option to place the QR code in a number of locations on your page.

Try it out! It's free, it's easy. You don't have to know anything about QR codes and you can add them in seconds. You could have people visiting your Web site or accessing other company information directly from their smart phones today!

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