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Add Sound to your StrandVision Digital Signage

Add sound to your digital signage displays to support video clips, add background music, make announcements and provide emergency notifications…

Adding sound to your StrandVision Digital Signage system is easy. You just have to connect the display or other speakers and spend a few minutes on your StrandVision Digital Signage console. We even provide a licensed background music subscription if you’d like to have music accompany all of your digital signage pages. See for the announcement press release.

Wiring the hardware

The first step is to make sure that each display monitor is connected (wired) for sound. This requires that there be a connection between each playback computer and its TV display(s). Every computer has a "Headphone" jack that can be connected to the audio input of the TV monitor. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections that handle both audio and video are also available on many new computers and monitors to make the process even easier with a single cable.

If you are distributing your digital signage over a video extender, such as StrandVision’s over Ethernet networks, you’ll find that most are audio-capable. The system has the same audio options as PCs, allowing it to be a high tech "extension cord" between the computer and monitor(s).

See our audio setup page for detailed setup instructions at

Configuring Your Signage Account Settings

Setting up the StrandVision Digital Signage service to support audio is equally easy. Just sign into your account and at the "Your Account" level select "Preferences."

Select your "Display Group to edit" and select "Yes" for the "Audio Loopthrough" option. Put an iPod, CD or DVD player on the input of the digital signage player PC and the music will begin.

That’s pretty much it. Next, select the tab to view your Digital Signage and check your system.

The other option is to purchase the background music license for a one-time fee of $750 (no matter how many screens you have). Under the "Preferences" tab, select the music categories you would like to play. If you have the right license, the music plays on all screens.

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