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Setting your StrandVision as a Favorite, Bookmark or Home Page

Add your StrandVision sign for employee communication. It lets you communicate and turn all your office pc's into free digital signage players. It's free, and easy to set up. Here's how.

Easy and Free Digital Signage Player Set-Up

There are several ways to take advantage of the free Digital Signage Favorite/Bookmark/Home Page link. Simply log onto your StrandVision account and go to the "Signage Pages" tab and select "View Signage." Then click on the "Set your signage as Favorite, Bookmark or Home Page" selection.

Just copy and email the link. Employees can click the link to open the signage in their browser and save it as a "Favorite" in Internet Explorer or "Bookmark" in Firefox or other browser. Typically the shortcut "Control D" can be used to set the Favorite or Bookmark or they can navigate through the browser’s menu system.
Follow the specific directions for your browser to set StrandVision Digital Signage as the Home page. This can typically be done under the "Tools" section of the browser.

That's it! Their pc is now a free digital signage player that automatically displays the employee communication messages you send to your main screen.

For Information Technology-administered networks, the StrandVision link can also be distributed and/or automatically loaded onto computers as they are being commissioned or when they are updated through automated software management processes.

Other Digital Signage Display Options

While you’re in the "View Signage" area, check out the other display options. There are plenty of ways that you can use and show your StrandVision Digital Signage on TVs, computers and the Web.

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