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Getting the Most from Your Subscription Package

StrandVision Digital Signage allows subscribers to combine digital signage software packages.

Many of our subscribers start with the Basic digital signage software subscription package that includes 80 hours per week, 50 pages, some database and administrative capabilities, and no video or live TV. After a while they find that they want to add more time or features as they expand their system.

We've structured our packages so that capabilities can be shared across all packages within your digital signage account. Streaming Video, Gold and Platinum Package customers can share Hours/Week, Pages and Stored Video capabilities with Basic license packages that are purchased for the same account.

For example: a Gold Package customer with two Basic Package licenses could use the 350 hours that come with the Gold Package to bring two Basic Packages up to 168 hours (24X7) per week (80 hours plus 88 extra hours from the Gold license). The customer could also raise the pages displayed on each Basic Package above the 50 page limit and share the 15 minutes of video (5 minutes on each Basic Package or some other combination).

Customers also get additional database capabilities that can be displayed across the network, proof of play and additional database features.

Visit the "Subscription Package Options" page at to see more details and the full explanation or email sales at or call him at to discuss how we can build on your current digital signage software package subscription.

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