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StrandVision Free Digital Signage Reader Board App

StrandVision's free digital signage software reader board app directly imports events scheduling information

StrandVision Digital Signage recently announced the ability to incorporate events scheduling information directly into our digital signage software. The new free feature works with most events management software products, including Envision Access and Delphi Sales and Catering, and can be customized to support proprietary and in-house developed meeting and event scheduling and sales systems.

The events scheduling integration is attractive to hotels and convention centers, restaurants and function halls, and even houses of worship and schools. It was initially developed at the request of a StrandVision hotel customer. Mike Strand worked directly with the customer's IT staff to develop and to receive certification for the interface that the digital signage cloud servers use to access the information in real time.

The StrandVision events scheduling digital signage software is easy to use. Once the interface is developed, StrandVision subscribers simply select the reader board capability on the StrandVision Content Management System (CMS) dashboard to have the events information displayed on their digital media players. It displays in a variety of formats showing all events for the day or only those that occur in the future or are currently in session.

The scheduling information can be added to other promotional or informational digital signage content mixes or drive room-specific displays. With the split-screen capability of the Streaming Video package, events can be displayed at all times while other business marketing material appears in other regions of the digital signage player screens. The StrandVision interface cuts down on administrative time required to post meeting information on multiple systems and also increases accuracy and timeliness.

Easy, no-cost activation

This StrandVision app is pre-certified for Hyatt properties. Hyatt customers can simply sign into their StrandVision account, add a new page, select the "Hyatt Meeting Room" page type, enter the facility ID and press Save. If StrandVision has not already been given access to the facility's meeting room information, an email will be sent with tips on how to speed the process to have Hyatt Services add your property to the StrandVision account.

Other StrandVision customers should contact Mike Strand at mjstrandweb at to arrange for activation to their specific events calendar application.

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