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StrandVision Ten Year Achievements

Achievements for the first ten years of StrandVision Digital Signage

Celebrating 10 Years of Digital Signage Excellence
Of Digital Signage Excellence

Date Milestone
August 4, 2003 StrandVision started as
November 15, 2004 Introduced affiliate program providing 20% of the retail price of a qualifying subscription purchase
June 8, 2005 Received $10,000 for first place finish in the information technology/
e-commerce category for Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest
July 29, 2005 transitioned to the StrandVision Digital Signage name
August 22, 2005 StrandVision Digital Signage establishes reseller program
October 6, 2005 StrandVision wins $10,000 for first place in the 2005 Create Your Own Business Competition from the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation
December 5, 2005 Chippewa Valley Angel Investors Network invests $250,000 in StrandVision (later raised to $425,000)
March 16, 2006 StrandVision adds full video digital signage capabilities
June 7, 2006 StrandVision introduces split-screen digital signage capabilities to support multiple information channels
June 19, 2006 StrandVision continues to enhance digital signage offering with Windows digital media player installer/auto update
July 26, 2006 StrandVision adds local satellite or cable TV video option
August 16, 2006 StrandVision adds real time counting capability for upcoming events
November 2, 2006 StrandVision Digital Signage Adds Animated Radar Weather Graphics
January 22, 2007 StrandVision Debuts Content Developer Program
April 23, 2007 StrandVision Offers Free PowerPoint Conversion Service
June 15, 2007 StrandVision Debuts Digital Signage User Updatable Database Capabilities
February 5, 2008 StrandVision Digital Signage Adds Photos/Graphics to its Database Capabilities
April 28, 2008 StrandVision Debuts High-Definition PC-to-TV Video Transmitter/Converter
June 14, 2008 StrandVision Releases Major (Version 2.0) Digital Signage Upgrade
March 17, 2009 StrandVision Digital Signage Debuts Emergency Messaging Override Services
September 23, 2009 5th Year Anniversary – Introduces Free Digital Signage Test Drive
December 14, 2009 StrandVision Offers 15% Discounts to Educational and Non-profit Organizations
April 8, 2010 Mike Strand Granted Patent for Digital Signage Technology
May 18, 2010 StrandVision Offers Preconfigured Linux Point-of-Display Digital Media Player
February 24, 2011 StrandVision Introduces Flexible Contracts for Corporations, Franchises and Associations
June 22, 2011 StrandVision Extends Support for International Languages
August 3, 2011 StrandVision Adds Real-Time Digital Signage Administration
August 30, 2011 StrandVision Debuts Free Digital Signage Quick Response (QR) Codes
September 20, 2011 StrandVision Introduces Mobile Digital Signage for Vehicles
October 26, 2011 StrandVision Includes Employee Communication Free Digital Signage Screen Saver
January 11, 2012 StrandVision Announces Free Digital Signage Option for Web Browser Home Page Signage
February 1, 2012 StrandVision Offers Custom Programming to Integrate Corporate Live Data into StrandVision Digital Signage
March 13, 2012 StrandVision Digital Signage Player Software made available for the Mac
March 27, 2012 StrandVision Offers Free Digital Signage Software to House of Worship Organizations
April 10, 2012 StrandVision Offers Free Digital Signage Background Music
April 24, 2012 StrandVision Announces Linux Digital Signage Player Optimized for Self-contained Playback – Enhanced Reliability
June 5, 2012 StrandVision Digital Signage Enhances PowerPoint Presentation Digital Signage Content Capabilities
July 10, 2012 StrandVision Surpasses Five Billion Digital Signage Content Pages 9 years
August 21, 2012 StrandVision Offers Multi-year Digital Signage Volume Discounts
September 5, 2012 StrandVision Introduces New Version (3.0) of its Digital Signage Software
November 15, 2012 StrandVision Digital Signage Software Adds Social Media to Employee Communications Networks
January 23, 2013 StrandVision Digital Signage Reduces Monthly Electronic Sign Subscription Cost
February 26 , 2013 StrandVision Digital Signage Enhances Customer-Facing Front-of-House Capabilities with Events Scheduling Displays
May 1, 2013 StrandVision Digital Signage Extends Electronic Sign World Weather Coverage
May 21, 2013 StrandVision Introduces Digital Signage Override Feature for Employee Training and Communication
June 5, 2013 StrandVision Digital Signage Content Portal Now Offers Three Expertise Levels for Signage Design Control
June 19, 2013 StrandVision Digital Signage Enhances "Proof of Playback" Electronic Sign Feature
July 24, 2013 StrandVision Announces Service to Convert PowerPoint Slides to Graphic Images for Digital Signage and Other Applications
August 4, 2013 StrandVision Surpasses Six Billion Digital Signage Content Pages


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