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Free Digital Signage Showcases Capabilities – Leads to Full-blown Systems

Eliminate the overwhelming commitment to digital signage to expand your sales.

At StrandVision, we think that every company and organization should use Digital Signage (preferably ours!). But, we understand that making the leap can be difficult; that’s why we provide two ways that prospects can test drive our digital signage. These introductions also provide an opportunity for you, our resellers, since you can introduce them to the technology, perhaps sell them some display equipment for their test drive, and have the potential of additional sales once they’ve come to understand the benefits of digital signage.

Here are the two ways that you can introduce them to StrandVision Digital Signage:

  • StrandVision Free Digital Signage Test Drive – This is a StrandVision free 30-day online test drive connected to our servers that includes dynamic news and weather services, and several other features. Prospects using your special StrandVision account link are automatically flagged as your lead.
  • PowerPoint Conversion – This is a free powerpoint conversion service that lets people upload their PowerPoint (PPT & PPTX) slides, convert them to JPG files, download them to a USB drive for a standalone display on any properly-equipped digital display.

Here’s a little more information:

The StrandVision Test Drive is the real thing. It lets people sign up for a free 30-day trial and post 20 pages of their own material and/or some of StrandVision’s constantly updated weather and news feeds. Test Drive subscribers don’t have to give any financial information – no credit cards – no commitment.

The Test Drive includes 50 hours per week of display time and gives a good sampling of StrandVision’s full-featured paid packages including the ability to post their own messages, photos and even include audio with background music and one minute of video. They can show up-to-date weather and news and even test database capabilities and advanced features such as Quick Response (QR) codes enabling viewers to scan the screen to be linked to online advertising or information resources.

So, if you have prospects who want a real digital signage experience and they have, or you can supply them with, a point-of-display PC, you should recommend that they go for the Test Drive.

The StrandVision PowerPoint Conversion Service is a free, on-demand service. It doesn’t require a credit card or even registration. It allows prospects to develop basic digital signage content that can be downloaded to a USB memory stick for standalone playback on flat screen TVs, digital photo frames, PCs or tablets.

The service, hosted by StrandVision, enables users to convert individual PowerPoint slides (PPT & PPTX) or entire presentations into higher-quality JPG files than are available through built-in PowerPoint conversion utilities. The service enables users to create basic, free digital signage content for flat screen televisions and digital photo frames, PCs and tablets, which typically cannot display PowerPoint loops without additional software purchases but can automatically browse photos.

To take advantage of this service users simply visit the StrandVision conversion page at There they’re asked just for their name and email address. They upload the PowerPoint file and usually within 10 minutes an email is sent with instructions on how to download and use the ZIP file of the JPG versions of the slides.
Once downloaded, they simply copy the images to a USB drive and insert it into the USB slot of an appropriately configured television, digital photo frame, PC or tablet to play the slide loop. The digital signage pages are "snapshots" of the PPT pages and do not include builds, videos and other animations. Dissolves and fades are governed by the capabilities of the digital media display units.

So, if you have prospects who just want to stick their toe in, don’t need to have an Internet connection for dynamic information and want to just use a local digital screen or even a photo frame they can try digital signage this way.

Either approach gives your prospects an idea of what StrandVision Digital Signage can do for them, enables you to introduce them to the technology and opens the door to future sales.

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