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Get Rid of Your Kludgy Hand Me Down Digital Media Player

StrandVision's new digital media player virtually eliminates all onsite player management

In our quest to make digital signage setup and administration as quick and easy as possible we've just announced a new low cost, powerful digital signage media player that's preloaded with StrandVision electronic signage software. It's not Window-based so you won't have to deal with frequent updates and patches - besides, StrandVision will handle all of the routine maintenance automatically from our servers - and it comes with a free one-year (extendable to three-years) warranty.

We call it the StrandVision R360 Digital Media Player and it was designed specifically for our digital signage application. It's a powerful x86-based Linux digital signage platform that offers the best quality, performance and connectivity to process high-quality digital media. We preload our patented StrandVision Digital Signage software before we ship the unit to you so you don't have to do anything.

The new media player is really small (6.5" x 7.5" x 1.8") and comes with a universal mounting kit that lets you mount it right on the back of your display screen or screw it to the wall. No more hiding some boxy computer in a cupboard, or in a hard-to-reach ceiling, and running cables to your display. This mounting feature can also save you as much as $150 in hardware and installation costs.

Here's the real benefit, though. To set up the R360 Digital Media Player you just:

  • Mount the unit on the display
  • Plug it into a power source
  • Connect it to the display's video input
  • Connect it to the Internet
  • Turn it on
  • The unit then automatically selects one of our StrandVision Digital Signage host servers from the cloud, logs in using your username and password that we preloaded before we sent you the unit, initializes the connection and begins transmitting your digital signage content in seconds.
  • That's it!

Complete Digital Signage Solution

Not only is the installation easy, day-to-day administration is just as easy.

The R360 Digital Media Player is remotely updated and managed by our StrandVision patented digital signage software minimizing your housekeeping. You may actually forget that there's a computer running your display since all of your administration will consist of just updating your content on the StrandVision Internet portal.

As always, your display will receive constant digital signage content updates from the StrandVision Web portal. If there's an Internet interruption the R360 has bigger, better local storage so it keeps running independently using the locally stored signage pages. The StrandVision player is also capable of self-correcting most issues and it automatically sends system performance updates and alerts to StrandVision and digital signage system administrators (including through smart phones as announced in the "Digital Signage News" section of this newsletter).

In addition to a more powerful processor and increased storage and memory, our new StrandVision player includes several upgrades and features. Wi-Fi communication, previously a $79.99 option, is now included; it has DVI and HDMI video outputs and if you have an older display we provide a VGA adapter for connecting to virtually any analog or digital display. The included mounting kit conforms to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standard so it will mount on any compatible display.

Priced at $699.99 (a $180.00 reduction from our previous media players), the fully configured system, including our patented digital signage display software, is available immediately directly from StrandVision and through authorized resellers and system integrators. An optional two-year warranty that extends the standard one-year warranty to a total of three years is available for $89.99.

So, if your computer's acting up, or you just want to have a better looking, easier to administer display, check out the new StrandVision Media Player at

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