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Refresh Your Signage a New Background

StrandVision expanded its selection of background templates in TV, wide screen and vertical formats.

StrandVision Digital Signage has introduced additional electronic sign background templates along with enhancements to the StrandVision service that allows you to submit your own personalized backgrounds to create a consistent business marketing look across your digital signage network.

Free StrandVision Background Templates

With the update, StrandVision now includes many standard background templates that are all automatically sized to the proper aspect ratio of standard TVs, wide screen flat panel displays and vertical orientations to fit the screen attached to the digital media player and its setup.

Simply log into your account and go to the "Preferences" page. Pick the "Background Selection" you want from the dropdown (Default, Basic, Blank Full, Blank Margins, Columns, Cubes or Swoosh). To see a non-colored preview of the background, click on the arrow icon to the right of the selection. (NOTE: The sample displays will show in the colors you specify on your digital media player.) Leave the "Background Aspect" set to "Automatic" unless you need to override it.

You can also change fonts, styles, colors and live clock viewing settings to fit your design needs.

Individualized Custom Templates

In addition, StrandVision now offers you the option of submitting your own custom background templates. For a nominal charge, we’ll convert PowerPoint, graphic, desktop publishing or animated flash files that are designed internally or by your marketing agency to the format used by StrandVision. Once installed to your account, the additional templates are available to you through a simple dropdown menu. You can submit multiple background templates for different company divisions, different target audiences or to reinforce special events, holidays or important upcoming dates.

Contact mjstrandweb at to arrange for a custom background.

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